Miley Cyrus’ New Look!

15 Aug

So it’s been all over twitter, facebook and everything internet over the past couple of days, Miley Cyrus has gone for a drastic new haircut!

We’ve got so used to the gorgeous, wavy, caramel locks that the new choppy, shaved peroxide look was a complete shock, especially for me who grew up with Miley in her Hannah Montana days! But, despite the shock, i really like it. Finally Miley is being herself, not conforming to the public’s perception of her but instead pushing it all aside and rocking a new ‘do that embodies her rocky, rebellious new attitude!

Say hello to the new Miley!

I’m all about being genuine and unique, so i respect Miley so much more for this. She has received a lot of negative comments following this radical new style, so she has shown a lots of bravery and respect for herself by doing somehting that shocked us all.

Miley exclaimed “i’ve never felt more me in my life!”

I love it!

Furthermore, the blonde mop and the red lips – BIG thumbs up from me!

Another beautiful celebrity who recently chopped off her gorgeous locks is Anne Hathaway.

Embodying chic and sophistication, Anne looks so stunning and truly beautiful. It was a radical change that has completley brightened up her face and proves that she knows her style! Short is not just for boys, remember that girls next time you criticise!

What do you think of Miley’s new hair? Comment below, Tweet me or write on the facebook wall!

Tah Rah! <3


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